Friday, July 8, 2011

Mediterranean ~ Day 2, Part II

Back to Port and Back to the Seas...
Headed for Cannes, France
Our 1st day of excursion ended earlier than the rest  - 
which allowed for some downtime on the ship.
One of our favorite spots: *Sprinkles - the free/anytime u want it frozen yogurt stand!
Black Tie Night & Captain's Dinner - He & His staff appear on an electronic balcony to greet the masses
Fancy Dinner with some of our Favorite Friends
Party Pic!
One of my famous shots of food :-)
(I had some type of seafood every single night - yay me!)
Grilled salmon - and this came after my lobster bisque, shrimp cocktail & caviar.
I was one, happy girl!
Time to head out for socializing...the options were limitless!
There was a disco, several lounges, a casino, a piano bar, live bands on the pool deck, etc.
Not too late night of a night for us due to 6:45 excursion departure the next day
But look who was waiting for us back in our room...we laughed til we almost cried!!

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