Tuesday, July 5, 2011

*4th of July Fun, Food & Spark!*

The Annual *4th of July* Pool Olympics at Southern Hills:
It began with the 4 and under Money $ Dive
My little competitive dude went for it!
And I mean all out!
His peeps ended up jumping in to gather his loot!
WHOA! Someone is proud of himself...BIG time!!

Abby went 1st to show her "how easy" it was
 A little hesitant...but just brave enough
 This one is a whole 'nother story - no fear whatsoever!
Boys 8 and under "Dive Competition" - Big O decided he wanted to participate - even tho he has no idear how to dive just yet!
Due to 100% effort, he still received some 6's from the judges :-)
 Girls 10 and under Dive Competition
Abby got 2nd place - shhhh...don't tell anyone - but there were only 2 girls competing :-)
Still feels good to get a medal!
Boys & Girls 12 and Under Dive Competition
Although he's never had a diving lesson, this boy's got game!
He did a forward dive, a forward somersault, a back flip & a pike dive
His unique Back Flip got awarded the one & only *10* of the day...it was AWESOME!
Willster went home with 1st Place!
I was soooo proud of my boy! I just love kids who will take risks and go for it!!
Girls 8 and under Free Style Swim
Ella was awarded 3rd place - not bad for a girl who didn't learn how to "really" swim until she was 6 1/2! I was so proud of my little flower who usually doesn't like to get out of the boat...
 Girls 12 and Under Swim
Go Abby Go!
2nd Place Winner :-)
After over 3 hours of Pool Olympics, we had some veeeery tired little people.
We were gonna let O skip his nap due to a busy schedule, but the next thing we know we found him on his bedroom floor out like a light!
Next Holiday Stop ~ Nana & Grandad's for Swimming & Ribs!
We love spending time there...it's an annual tradition!
Uncle Jeff entertains all the cousins with a homemade *Fireworks Show!
3rd & Final Stop: Southern Hills Annual Fireworks Show
Every year I get such JOY from watching all the red, white & blue dressed kiddo's run wild across the greens playing frisbee, football, doing cartwheels - and of course, rolling down the hill in their new white shirts! :-) Luckily, my honey reminded me of this tradition, so I quickly changed my lil guy's shirt to something of the older sort. :-)
Dear Friends joined us for all the Fun!
Abby with her B/F/F Lauragale ~ snacking on yummy snow cones
Susie Q loving on the lil' ladies during the show!
After 8 1/2 days out of the country, it was so meaningful to be back home with friends & family giving thanks to God for blessing us with One, Amazing Country. I Love the USA!!!


momof3girls said...

Looks like everyone had a great 4th! Glad your home safe and sound, I can't wait to hear more about your trip!

@nnie said...

ah, it looks absolutely perfect! Well, except one thing: how did I miss seeing you? Would have loved to give that neck a hug. Love the proliferation of pictures!