Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Tie Never Felt So Good

A common sight...Abby Lou mothering her lil bro as she heads to her last game of the season.
And yes, Owen always begs to wear "soccer clothes" to the games and then spurs on a makeshift soccer game with new friends 
All smiles as she embarks on her last game of the season
Team huddle
Throw in

Held the Top Ranked Team 0-0
We were thrilled with the Tie!
I just love this picture...takes me back
One pumped up Soccer Girl ~ earned a team trip to Braums!
Abby with her soccer & 4th grade pal, Zoe
Following their yummy treats, they switched gears and had a fun afternoon of crafts & fashion makeovers
I'm savoring their make-up, no phone calls from boys, and still enjoy swinging on the playset in the backyard. I still can't believe they will be starting Jenks Intermediate in August...say it ain't so!!

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Baloney said...

Oh how I hate seeing all these 6th graders at Michael's school with make-up on their faces. :(
Growing up so fast.
Cute pics, K!