Friday, May 27, 2011

Piano Princesses

Spring 2011 Piano Recital
 It was a beautiful May evening that began with a dinner at our favorite spot...
and then a few pre-recital pics in the garden!
  We were so excited that their recital was moved to our home church, Asbury UMC
 Abby, Ella, Sarah & Anna ~ friends from church who also take from Miss Sandi
  I guess this means they are Ready to Go!
 About to begin...

 The Line Up
Ella Bella heads toward Black Beauty
and plays her little heart out
Oh how this Momma loves to watch her girls play this beautiful instrument...
and I adore the pics where you can see their little legs not yet reaching the ground
Abby Lou's turn
playing the classic "Fur Elise" like a true Princess would
Her feet now barely touching ground
All smiles as she lands her last note
We were blessed with the most beautiful piece played by Miss was a compilation of "You are My Hiding Place" and "Majesty"...Heavenly!
Loved on by Nana, Grandad & Mimi as they head for Treats!
"Then David and all Israel played music before God with all their might..."
I Chronicles 13:8

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