Friday, April 15, 2011


reading: Anointed Transformed Redeemed making: lots of kid lunches cooking: nonstop it seems looking: for bronze iron interior sconces playing: around on new Iphone...still so much to learn! wasting: way too much time on the internet buying: lots and lots of kid summer clothes ~ oh how I love sundresses on my girls! crushing: on my hot to trot husband who gets more handsome with age wishing: the Ralstons weren't moving away :-(  waiting: to see how Will promoting to jr high at church will affect our Sunday mornings since they worship at a different hour loving: my new Bible Study, a super fun April schedule, & my new MacBook Pro! liking: that my kids got so excited about a new Kashi cereal (Berry Blossoms) hoping: to quit being late for church once and for all marveling: at how incredibly fast the weeks fly by needing: to faux finish my new coffee table and recover my kitchen chairs wearing: concealer on my lips - a new trick I learned that allows me to wear pale pink colors...yippee! noticing: that it's almost time to plant flowers  knowing: that God is who He says He is...the Great I Am thinking: about getting a new hairstyle  giggling: at my hubby's funny remarks and Owen's super hero dreams feeling: hungry every 3 hours...just like a baby  writing: my Mom & Dad a 46th Anniversary card smelling: Newmans Own organic extra bold coffee...yummm hearing: neighbors' dogs wake me up around 5:00 a.m. every morning...ugh eating: lots of spinach & mushroom egg omelettes topped with sour cream and salsa forgetting: to order my free mail order prescription...and it's about to expire! watching: Joyce Meyer - my daily vitamin! drinking: coffee, water, water, lemon lime flavored La Croix mixed w/ cranberry juice, water, water wanting: to catch up on journaling, photo books, sewing projects, etc. wondering: when Jesus is coming back and every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that He is Lord praying: for my dear, dear friends who are about to adopt their 1st baby!

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