Friday, April 22, 2011

Bras, Dancing & Dinner

This is my lil sis Kerri & her beau Kreston taking a party pic with the O-Man
 prior to our courageous attempt to have an "adult dinner" while in the midst of four (make the five - oldest had a sleepover) kids
 Ker & Ella lovin' on each other
 They share a very special aunt ~ niece relationship
 I think because Ker was out of nursing school by the time I had her; thus, she had more time
 The entertainment for the night began when Ella told Kerri that she wanted her to pass down her old bra's once she outgrew them. Kerri is now banking on that thought...that she will "outgrow" her current bras. Ha! If only we kept on growin'...
 We had Bra Advice by Abby
 And Bra Art by Ella
 "Bras are Special"
 We had Hip Hop dancing by Owen
 And ended with a dip in the Tub of Hot
 Oh What a Night! A Night of Fabulous Fun!!!

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