Saturday, December 18, 2010

All I Want For Christmas Is...

I got such a kick reading my children's Christmas Lists this year. I actually think it's the first year the girls have even made a list. Now Will, on the other hand, always meticulously gets a list together...but, that's just how he rolls!
Check out how super organized it is...and it was of course, his list was e-mailed. He's all high tech and stuff. :-) I was totally cracking up at his #7 - guess I know what to put in his stocking this year! ha #9 is also comical since we don't even own a Mac computer.
Will’s Christmas wish list (age 11)

1. RipStick Caster Board, silver - $59.00

2. NERF N-Strike Stampede ECS-50 Blaster - $44.00

3. The Lost Hero, Rick Riordan, Book - $11.39

4. Diary of a Wimpy Kid, the ugly truth, Book - $8.37

5. Sony MDREX33LP/WHI Sweet Little Buds Silicone EarBuds, White - $14.88

6. Epiphone SG-Special Electric Guitar, Black - $169.99

7. Essence Anti-Perspirant & Deodorant Stick – around $5.00

8. Flash Furniture Mesh Back Computer Chair, Black - $55.00

9. Apple Keyboard with numeric keypad - $49.00

10. North Face jacket/coat - $70.00-150.00

Next Up - Abby's List (age 9)
It was a far cry from her older brother's...first off, it was bound with pink ribbon. Second of all, the list was numbered to #71...although she could only think of 53 things. She pretty much wrote down everything but the kitchen sink! Then, she went back and scratched out things she either changed her mind on, or she thought wouldn't make the cut (including #29 - a "Pet Dog-Yorkie").
#25 Justin Bieber CD - oh yeah...and, I even got her a matching groupie tee to go with it! She's gonna love me!!
#48 - Coca Cola (This is a super fun thing I started 3 years ago. Since we don't allow the kids to have caffeinated beverages, but they have to watch their beloved Daddy drink a Coke every day...this is the biggest high of their Christmas day! I get each of them an old fashioned glass bottled Coke...and they get to drink it with lunch. It's truly a magical moment!)

Ella Bella's Letter to Santa
(she wrote at school; age 6)
To decipher the end for you: "You are so nice. Thank you for the presents. Do you really fly and do you like chocolate? Love, Ella" Priceless!
My precious baby girl is so dang cute! All she wants is a desk for her room. Truly. She has been dreaming of having her own little work space to do all her arts & crafts projects. She said she didn't really even want an iPod...just a desk. Only problem does one wrap a desk??
And, last but not least...Owen's Wish List Stocking (age 4) he made at pre-school.
Apparently, he glued on whatever he could find in the magazine...which wasn't much! He's not even into Star Wars! lol His two loves are cars and sports...and his room is already overflowing with both. Had to get creative thinking of what to get the boy. What he would choose over anything? A wrestling match with his big brother and Daddy!

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@nnie said...

I love this post, it truly crystallizes a moment that is so precious! The kids personalities, likes, dislikes, sooooo cute! Will's list is amazing, he looked up the prices and everything? And I love how girly Abby's is... and the precious letters the kids wrote in Creekmore's class, don't you love that? I want to post LJ's now, if you don't mind. I have a feeling Owen will get exactly what he wants from Santa.