Saturday, November 6, 2010

Owen's All Star Football Party

Tuesday, October 26th, 2010
My baby boy turned 4
We had a small, family celebration that evening
As I always say...I LOVE that face!
Wonder what he wished for??
To beat his big brother in a game, to win the Heisman Trophy one day, to meet Diego in person, hmmm....
Saturday, October 30th
I love to go with a theme for my kiddo's birthdays...this year, it was a little challenging. There are so many things that Owen loves, and there were several ideas he kept throwing out.
But, after I decided it would be a little tricky to throw a "Motorcycle" b'day, we went with football - one of his other loves. :)
It took about...oh, one milisecond for all the boys to warm out and start in on an intense game of football in our backyard!
The inflatable ball & goal that we bought for his b'day definitely came in handy!
I was so grateful to have an 11 yr old son who got out there and led the little guys...he was so great! And, oh how the boys looked up to him!
The Cheerleaders preferred the swingset & craft route...
One of the cutest parts of the party was how Owen would come running up to the patio, huffing and puffing, to get a big swig of his Gatorade...he'd mumble a few things about the game, and then sprint back to the "field"
Ella Bella...just a swingin'
(after eating about 5 gallons of the "Chicago Mix" popcorn we served)
There one was Dog Pile
after another...
It was such a warm feeling to see all the good ol' fashioned fun going on
And what a GORGEOUS day it was!!
(So thankful to God for that Blessing)
Our adorable nephew, Jaxen, was quite the Running Back!
Ooop!...Ella's back at the popcorn bowl...
Abby, the Walrus
Owen M & Owen R
Man down
Man back up (& oh is he a CUTIE!)
Abby tries to get in on the game...
Starting to wind down...
Charlotte & Owen
(been playing together since infants - only 3 wks apart!)
The Team
The Cake
Owen gets to make another wish...
Mom cuts Owen the "O" piece of course
One Happy B'day Boy :)
Gift Time...and Man! They had some energy!!
(I forgot how excited 4 yr old's get about seeing all the cool, new toys being opened!)
Party Favors:
"Owen's Team 04" T-Shirts
Our youngest guest...sacked out
What a perfect day we had celebrating our Owen ~ the son we longed for, prayed for, and were ultimately blessed with.
*Happy 4th Birthday Baby Boy...We Love You!!*


Anonymous said...

Love all of the pictures! What an amazing mother you are. Happy Birthday precious Owen! Love you, Karen Davidson Smith

ashleigh said...

Now that's one good looking football player and his cheerleader! Super cute party : )