Friday, November 19, 2010

From a Turkey Angel to Wonder Water

A little of what's been going on at the Ruley Casa over the past 8 days or so...
Tom the Turkey disguised as "Bella the Angel"
Found Ella curled up in a ball sleeping under her table one morning...
Abby's JEE 4th Grade Veteran's Concert
Always such a wonderful reminder to appreciate the amazing country we live in!
Owen zoomin' around on his new Hot Wheels 3-Wheeler
and showing Big Muscles in his new Under Armour his Aunt Gayle got him
Then, this little stinker, as he was getting out of his carseat in the Target parking lot, leaped own onto his Momma's fragile little pinky
and broke it :( Ouchers!
But, then he does stuff like this that is just so darn cute! Put a line up of hot wheels on my new cake plate and had them race around...vroom, vroom!! (just thankful nothing else got broken!)
Miss Ella was home for 4 straight days with a low grade fever & sore throat. I had forgotten how much more high maintenance having 2 kids home could be...the bickering, the competition, the snack requests, etc. I have to admit, me lovey having the older three in school!
Speaking of school, Abby Lou had to come up with an invention this week.
*Wonder Water* it was - you wear it on your hip and can push the the little rhinestone buttons to have it taste like other flavors such as Sprite or Pink Lemonade. And even though it goes in tasting like a sugary treat, it turns into straight up, filtered H2O once it enters your tummy. Now, that is COOL!! Sure wish this was the case with my four lil' monkeys who I have worked my tail off with for years trying to get them to drink (and enjoy) more water!

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