Sunday, October 10, 2010

Will Rocks the Wedding

My cousin got married on Saturday. Many family members gathered.
Children who had a "talent to share" were asked to be a part of the reception entertainment.
My Mom asked Will if he would be willing to play guitar. Initially, he hesitated in saying yes. But after a quite enticing bribe from Oma, he was on board! :)
It was his first time to perform publicly (since his guitar teacher doesn't hold recitals).
I was so incredibly proud of how calm and collected he was. He brought his own amps, cords, etc. and set the whole thing up himself.
He then played "Here Comes the Bride" in a modern, rock format - of which he learned just this past Tuesday at guitar lesson. So clever! He & his teacher came up with that one. :)
Music is a big deal to God. He not only created it, He desires it and is awesomely blessed by it. Did you know there are over 1150 scriptures in the Bible that refer to music in some fashion?!
It's true.
I was taught years ago by one of our associate pastors that there is one thing that we can give God that He cannot give himself...and that is our worship.
One of the most meaningful ways to worship God is through music. Music allows us to go to a place that is very hard to get to otherwise.
Can you imagine the delight God must get when we sing praises and make music unto Him? What a sweet aroma!
That is one of the most important reasons why we have chosen to have each of our children learn an instrument...we want to grow them into authentic worshipers. We want them to have a venue to praise God in a unique & personal way.
Praising God that He has given us such a faithful & talented son who is learning to be such a wonderful worshiper!
David and all the people of Israel were celebrating before the Lord, singing songs and playing all kinds of musical instruments...
II Samuel 6:5

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