Thursday, September 23, 2010

Where do you hold your Cup?

Motherhood is an incredibly complicated endeavor. It has made us into remarkable women. But somehow, in the scramble of details and production, we begin to expect that impressive accomplishment will fill our souls. When it doesn’t we turn to the people who are closest to us and desperately charge them with the assignment. Little by little, over the years, we can unwittingly turn our eyes from our Savior to ourselves, our circumstances, and our families.

Where do you hold your cup? Do you expect that your husband will fill your soul? Do you hear yourself say, "My children are my life”? Have you been waiting to start living until you can get your house organized the carpets replaced, and enough things to make you feel happy? Will one more promotion at work finally fill you up? Have you imposed huge expectations on everyone in your life, waiting for them to fill your cup?

Here is the truth that will set you free. None of those things, none of the people in your life, not even your awesome husband and your cute children, will ever fill the cup of your soul. Remember, you were made for God. Jesus is the only answer for your empty soul. This one great truth as built a spiritual fire in my life and my children from years of therapy. I am telling you, when it finally clicks, when you finally live in the fullness of Christ alone, your life will radically change.

When you aren’t depending on your husband to fill you up, then he can make mistakes and you are still okay. He can say the wrong thing, and you can forgive him quickly. He can struggle and question his direction, and you don’t fall into despair. He can be your partner and your friend, because he does not have to be your Savior.

When you are living in the fullness of Christ, your children are being sloshed with His grace and tenderness. You can set standards, maintain discipline, and raise them by the mercy of Jesus. They don’t’ have to play the sports you wanted to play or choose your career path. They can follow eh calling of their hearts. They can disappoint you and bear the scars of your pride and your pain. They can grow up to be vibrant, indepent-thinking, loving adults because they did not have to be your Savior.

These are the days when I know for sure that the Lord is present and near. I can sense His indwelling and peace, and yet I still ache for more. I have confidently learned to whisper to myself in those moments, “This is my heart longing for home” Sometimes I cry, yearning for what is to come, and sometimes I smile, finding great comfort in remembering that I was made for the glory of heaven. Our season of motherhood can be radically transformed if we will bring the empty cup of our souls and hold it out to the life-giving water of Jesus. He isn’t just all that we have; He is more than enough.

(This entire blog entry was taken from the book "Tender Mercy for a Mother's Soul" by Angela Thomas. It is the book we are studying in Mothers Felloship this Fall. The chapter that had this excerpt in it really resignated with me...thought it might with you too. :) )

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M.S. said...

This very much resonated with me. Thanks so much for sharing. Megan S.