Saturday, September 11, 2010

A *Sooner* or Later Boomer

I recently told my hubby that I would really like to try to make an OU Football Game at some point this year...never imagining that the day would come so quickly!
A MOST generous and loving friend of ours gifted us with 4 tickets to today's OU/Florida State game! Our older two kiddo's were excited to get to join us!! The whole experience was so emotional for me because well...I'm almost embarrassed to say...I have not been to an OU football game in 16 years!
How is that possible you might say? Well, because I wasn't crazy about the sport in college (and keep in mind we weren't that good back then), so I would give away my student tickets and find something more entertaining to do with my time.
And, as an adult...well, I just kept having babies...nursing babies...caring for babies. There was just no time to give up an entire day to go do such a thing!
Well, today was the day! After 13 1/2 years of being away from the town of Norman, it was a powerful trip down Memory Lane. I had innumerable emotions & thoughts flooding my mind!
I also had NO IDEA what Amazing Fans OU alumni are! I had never seen such energy and dedication in my life!! The tailgating, the clothing, the chanting, the cheering. I have to say, it was a little moving. I have never gotten that into the whole OU Fan(-atic) thing, but it was a bit contagious. :)
I couldn't help but think how delighted God would be to have people cheer for Him the way they cheered for a group of young guys in helmets holding a brown leather ball. Oooh, how we could affect the world with that kind of energy for our faith!
The game was super fun, but I was looking even more forward to showing Will & Abby where Greg and I lived during our time at OU.
So we took a walk down Elm Street...our first stop, the Sigma Chi House. Still praising God that my H.S. Sweetheart decided to transfer to OU from KU his sophomore year. Without that decision, I don't think I would be writing this blog post today.
This Fraternity touched Greg in some incredible ways...including his faith.
Then, just a couple more houses down, we arrived to my house. The Pi Beta Phi house. Oh my gosh...I cannot tell you how bizarre it was to take my 9 year old daughter into a house that I spent my last 3 years of college living in!
I couldn't resist the urge to "ANGEL" her for our party pic! :)
I took Abby on a tour and showed her the dining room, living room, and hallways and hallways of bedrooms. We then came across the wooden plaques from the years that I was there. This was the one from my senior year. The year her Daddy of the BEST years of my life!
We couldn't depart without making a stop at one of my most favorite college joints...THE MONT. I think I definitely spent more nights there than any other place! Oooh, the swirls and queso...unbelievably good! Sadly, this mid-thirty Momma of 4 was unable to partake in such indulgences...just not in the diet anymore. :(
Again, I was impressed by all the crimson & cream wear.
What a day! A last minute, spur of the moment, adventure that we'll always cherish!
I just can't believe we could be there moving Will into the dorms in just 7 short years! (No offense dedicated Sooners, but I'm crossing my fingers he goes for ORU or TU! I need my babies near me!!)


@nnie said...

Ok, being an OSU alum, I never thought that a post about OU would make me tear up, but it did. You, dear Katie, are so sweet, and see the meaningful in each and every moment. You inspire!

Amanda said...

I'm so glad you were able to do this and I'm so glad I got to see you, even if for a brief moment! I know what you mean about thinking how great it would be if people would get this fired up for God. I have often had that same thought. Why is it weird to raise your hands in church, but not at a ball game? Why is it weird to shout Amen at church, but not shout Sooners at a ball game? Can you imagine if someone stood up and said, "Go God!"

Love you girl!