Monday, August 9, 2010

Last Week of Summer...

Man! What a summer!! We began with the demolition of our wimpy old back patio in mid-May...
Then, quickly departed for our first family beach trip to Rosemary Beach, FL...which was absolutely fabulous! I've wanted to blog about it all summer, but the 500+ pictures makes it a bit challenging...especially when one has very little free time going on. :)
Next up was VBS, Will's first overnight camp experience, and Greg & I's first trip to Banff, Canada. Let me just some Banff up with one word: MAJESTIC! It is on one of the top places to visit in your lifetime for very good reason!
Since middle of May, we have been patiently watching the progression of the outdoor living room...and painfully longing for our jacuzzi which has been in storage since early April. We've been told just a week or so left to go...fingers crossed!
In the meantime, Momma's been doing her semi-annual out totes & totes & totes & totes of children's clothing (yes, in a 145 degree attic). Penance = self-punishment for all the shopping I do for my kids throughout the year. I then, host a home sale for friends and then the rest of the good stuff is off to Just Between Friends or eBay! This is all in order to acquire additional funds to go shop some more!! :)
Okay, so as I titled the blog...we are in the last week of summer. With that said, lots of crazy things start happening around here including a Ruley Kid Impromptu Talent Show!
This was one of the MOST entertaining events of my life! I was truly blown away by the performances!! Sure wish I knew how to upload video!
The show was done in chronilogical order, starting of course with the O-Man (3 1/2 yrs).
Can't remember his song, but let's just say it was high energy. Being the sports fanatic that he is, he did the "Swing the Baseball Bat" dance for the entire duration of the song! And, it wasn't just any was as fast as lightning! Over and over and over...
and over and over....
Next up: Ella Bella (6 yrs)
Now this one has seriously come out of her shell! She was also high energy, engaged the audience, flirted a bit, did all sorts of professional dance moves and really proved herself!
3rd up: Abby Lou (9 yrs)
Honestly, I was surprised at how calm & mature her performance was...I guess it shows how "grown up" she thinks she is. She did the whole "I'm really going to sing it like I'm on American Idol" thing. Very nice, but a little less entertaining than the first two.
Last, but not least: Willster (11 yrs)
Now, this was the one that truly blew me away!
He has actually rehearsed his performance.
He knew every word and had a move to accompany each verse!
This was Will after the awards were handed out...and yes, he thinks he's a walking Abercrombie ad. :)
On to the next day...
Last Thursday, the girls were invited to visit The Acquarium with some dear friends
So, while they were having some fun with H2O eye candy...I decided it was finally time to take Owen to the place he has been dreaming of going for months now

Just the boys...and a Momma who loves them so
While Will rode the Go Carts, O took in some "mini bowling" - just about the cutest thing ever! Although he had never bowled before, the boy rocked it!
We then moved on to some double BB...they could have stayed there all day
And the following day, we had a super fun Triple Trunk Show at our house with The Plaid Button, Matilda Jane & Stella & Dot - three of my Favorite things! It was too much fun having all those *Pretties in my house at once!!
My lil' Fashionista was the Sales Girl for the Stella & Dot Little Girls' Line...right up her alley :)
I just love watching her light up!
The "Big Girl" stuff made me light up...ahhh, it was all SO pretty!
Friday night: Daddy got back from business trip...PTL!
Saturday: Oma & Grandpa took younger two to OKC to celebrate this precious little dude's 2nd birthday...
So, G & I couldn't pass up the chance to have a "Bigger Kid" kind of day.
We took in some bowling...that's right, no bumpers for us!
Check out who got the top score :)
A fun outdoor lunch at Camille's - no bibs, no booster seats...
And, lastly, an afternoon of golf with Dad while Mom worked on
breaking out her sewing machine and making these for Baby Alexis
who we celebrated the next day at a shower
The most BEAUTIFUL petit fours we had a lady make
And, here was the winner of our *Fantastical Hat Contest*
And, today, Monday, we are starting to get a little loopy...the kids are going a little stir crazy which can lead to some interesting things. Today, it was "fun with sunscreen"
And, let's sit in the raft together and rub each other's, this was one of the BEST ideas I had seen! As I have always heard, boredom brings about some of the greatest creations!
Tomorrow is "Meet the Teacher" for the older three, then school on Thursday. It's such a bittersweet feeling. It would be a lot harder to let them go if we had not had such an amazing, eventful, summer! Looking forward to what the Lord has planned for the new school year...for my 6th, 4th, 1st grader and pre-schooler! Praying they can be a *Light to others as He is for us.

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