Friday, July 16, 2010

Fond of his Faux Hawk

Oh my...this is my 3 yr old after his older siblings talked me into letting him wear a "Faux Hawk" to church. Not my favorite look...and his hair is really too long for it...but oh well. :)
He seriously was so excited about it!
Believe it or not, of all my children...including my two girls...this boy cares more about his clothes and hair than any of them!
(Favorite Outfit: OU Jersey & Basketball Shorts...has been known to throw
an XL fit if not allowed to wear them.)

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@nnie said...

ok, it's cute. just be happy you didn't send your hubby off with your son to get a haircut and he came back not with a Faux Hawk, but a MOHAWK. No kidding. Mommy isn't too happy! But Owen is adorable! Love the thumbs up!