Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Ella's Answered Prayer

For months my Ella has prayed that she would lose a tooth...
She's had a couple of loose teeth for a few weeks; one in particular got reeeeallly loose this past week. In fact, it was so loose that she was truly obsessed with it. Not only did she like to wiggle it, but she wanted everyone else to wiggle it.
But, then the poor little tooth became a source of irritation, and even pain. It was causing Ella such distress.
This answered prayer of hers reminds me of so many of my answered prayers...what we "thought" we wanted doesn't always turn out as expected. To get to the "prize" we so often have to go through anxiety, stress, and lots and lots of wiggling.
But all the heartache and pain does pay off...the tooth does eventually come out.
And what feels like a hole in your life....
eventually turns back into a SMILE :)
And you're on to your next hope and prayer...a visit from the Tooth Fairy!!!!


L stewart said...

Oh....she seems too old now. Can you believe Ella and Hunter are going to be in FIRST GRADE next year?!!! Where does the time go?!!

Hannah said...

What a great analogy!