Thursday, March 25, 2010


A few highlights from the 2nd half of the Ruleys Spring Break:
"GIRLS DAY" w/ our dear friends Lindsay and her Alli
Owen getting him some love from Adorable Alli!
Couples Nite Out w/ my bestie from college and her hubby
Sushi, Wine and Great Friends = BLISS :)
A long awaited visit with Miss Harper Lauren I've never met a young girl who immensely loves to hold a baby like my Abby Ella sneaks off to the backyard to drive Hampton's sweet ride Next Day
Owen and Miss Annie...could there be a cuter couple?!!
Will doing the "Tickle Monster" on Abby The Fulton Fab Four + 3 of Mine
(Ella was at a friend's house)
Kate w/ her baby boy Mac Fun in the *Sun Wish we could do this more often... The world's greatest underage babysitter Time to say farewell...SO wish they lived in T-Town!
My Big Sis Kim snagging a hug from Ella Bella
73 degrees one day...32 the next
Indoors = lots of games and crafts
The girls created two trays of delicious delicacies for us
We generously offered to let them do the tasting :)
It's not a stay inside, keep warm, kind of day without a game of BANAGRAMS
Ran upstairs to put some laundry away, and this is what I found when I returned:
PITTER PATTER goes this Momma's heart...
sometimes an abrupt change in weather can bring very good things to your life

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