Friday, January 29, 2010

Family Values

Wanted to share the neatest list of family values that I read about in last month's Focus on the Family new magazine -


It was a wonderful article on the actor Kirk Cameron, his wife and their six children.
He shared that they have Five Family Values that they live by:
*Love God
*Family First
*Tell the Truth
*Be Kind

*Work Hard

So simple, yet so succinct.
Kirk & his wife Chelsea will be speaking at one of the upcoming Focus on the Family's Marriage Simulcast on 2/27/10.

If you don't know much about him, his story and his should definitely take time to do so. What a courageous Man of God he is! And, if you and your spouse have not seen the movie FIREPROOF (came out last year), you simply MUST rent it!

What are your Family's Values?

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