Saturday, December 5, 2009

December 5th Already?! Still THANKFUL...

Even though it's already December 5th, this girl is still thankful. Don't want to let my favorite Holiday fall by the wayside without giving it some much deserved notice.

For one, I am soooooooooooo thankful for this little baby. I simply can't imagine our lives without him. Pretty much everything he does and says is beyond adorable. I know it's not healthy, but I wish I could freeze him right where he's at and never let him grow up.
Dreamt my whole life to become a Mom...and particularly a Mom with two girls. I love fostering their friendship...sometimes successfully, sometimes not. But, in the end, there is no doubt in my mind that they will end up Besties! How could they not after sleeping spooned up next to each other for the past 3 years!!! (Stay tuned...they are soon to be separated!) We are thankful for Uncle hubby's MUCH older brother
(ha ha - had to put that in case he ever reads this!)
Another Uncle that we are oh so thankful for...our newest addition, Uncle Bob.
(Married to Greg's sister Gayle...he makes a MEAN turkey & stuffing!)
Thankful for our new cousins from the Wagner Family. :)

Super thankful to Gayle for offering to host our annual Ruley Thanksgiving...had to pass the torch since I was still recovering from surgery.
Beyond grateful for this pretty lady. This picture sums up the kind of love she has for her grandkids (gave up her adult seat to sit with Owen after his table mate decided to bail)
Thankful for our the food, fellowship and fun we had!
Everything was BEEautiful!!!
Thankful that God created music...and that it can take me places that bless my soul.
Can't say enough about this dynamic very thankful for their friendship!
My BETTER half...enough said.
Grateful for Ruley Gals!
Don't ya just love a good hug?! Thankful for XOXO's!!
Grateful for Nana & Grandad's annual yummy Thanksgiving Brunch...always deelish!
Grateful that God gave me two boys...watching Will love on his lil bro
brings me so much JOY! (this is him teaching Owen how to drive his 1st remote control car!) SO thankful that I have kids that eat their Veggies...and happily!! :)
Thankful for my Mom & Dad and all the wonderful meals that they host throughout the year. Also thankful for the amazing bond the cousins have with each other!
Love this sweet lady and thank God for all of her gifts.
(She videoed my entire Junior High experience, our senior year State Champ win in softball, & even my Wedding...priceless memories) Love the friendship she shares w/ my Mom. Mom. What would I do without her? Recipe questions, prayer requests, mothering advice, you name it...she can provide the answer. Grateful that God chose her for me.


kclark said...

Thanks so much for sharing your blog. I am the mother of two girls and am so thankful for them (4 1/2 and 20 months). I have to ask where you shop for your girls -- they always look so cute and together. :-)
God bless you and your family.
Kathy from NJ

momof4kr said...

Hi Kathy!
Thanks for your sweet msg. Tried to go leave a msg for you on your blog, but wasn't able to. :(
Anyway, my all time favorite designer for little girls is MATILDA JANE - see I also love Gap & Children's Place. Do a lot of discount shopping as well. (My older daughter is hitting the "Justice" phase - not digging that at all...trying to keep her young & innocent for as long as I possibly can! :) )

L stewart said...

Looks like you are feeling good! Can you believe the first week of Dec. is over?!!!!
Thankful for you!

Love ya!!!

ASHLEY said...

this is so precious and refreshing...just what i you!