Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Owen's no longer two...can't believe it's true!

Decided to use my good friend Jonni's idea to blog in rhyme.
Didn't realize that doing three lines in a row w/ same ending doesn't work. Be prepared for some serious lack of flow...sorry about that. Too late to go back. Either way, it's still a fun way to experience Owen's Big Day. :)

Popcorn Run

Beginning of Fun
Car Toys a Ton
Two Thumbs Up for Lit Breakfast Sweet
1st Present of the Day, Quite a Treat
A New Car Cup, So Neat! Uncle Brad is First to Arrive

to Owen's B'day Car Dive!
Car Themed Treats were a Plenty...

and Sweet Relatives a Many!
So Special to have Grandma There...

to take in Owen's B'day Affair!

Make Your Own Cookie StopLights

A Playful Shot from the Heights

Three Cool Dudes

Nino's Enjoying Food

Rootbeer Floats are so Yummy

Hugs & Kisses from the Mummy

Shake 'n Go Cars were a Hit!

Time for the B'day Singing Bit

#3 Candle's no longer Lit

One Grateful Mom & Pop

O Gives Grandma Kiss on Chop!

A Doting Aunt Ker

What a Cute Pair!
Lots & Lots of Cousins

and Friends by the Dozens

Charlotte Slip Slides Away...
OU Helmet Makes Owen's Day!
Uncle Bob Adorns the O-Man

Everyone outside becomes a Fan

Present Opening was a Thrill

Cousin Zach & Big Brother Will
(Zach looks JUST like my hubby did growing up!)

Ella Makes a Face

Cousin Matt Escapes

An impromptu Backyard Football Game

Time to go, what a Shame
A Mimi Birthday Hug

Ella cutting a Rug

The Adoring Fam

Abs looks like Candy-gram

@~*WE LOVE U O-MAN!*~@


Baloney said...

I like it! Now try it in 3 words or less - ZING. :)
My how time flies.
I might try it with costume party pics. Just don't know how that's gonna work.

Ro said...

What a fun party! Love the stop light cookies, cute idea!!!

@nnie said...

katie girl, you host the most fabulous, thought out and fun to the max parties. what a lucky little 3 years old. hard to believe it's gone so fast. give owen big hugs!