Friday, September 18, 2009

Owen Gets in the Game!

The O-Man and I surprised Abby and brought her lunch last week.
She was all SMILES. :) :) :)
After lunch, Abs wanted me to come see where she plays at recess. She and one of her besties escorted Owen out to the playground.
Abby was on Cloud 9!
Owen felt like he was at DisneyWorld!
Our 1st Stop...a Tether Ball Game.Owen was mesmerized.
Our last stop:
A 3rd Grade Boys Soccer Game that Owen was determined to be a part of.
Abby asked the "head dude" if her little brother could have a turn with the ball.
He agrees.
Owen goes for it!
The Head Dude gives Owen a congratulatory head pat.
Mommy drags Owen away as he cried out "Soccer Game...Soccer Game."
Your day will come sweet boy...all too soon, your day will come.


kim said...

okay, maybe I am just emotional today, but this post made me tear up!

I am not sure if it is because those pictures brought me back to my childhood. I ate in that same cafeteria and played on that same playground! Gulp.

Or maybe because your Owie is Ty's age and I also see him wanting to grow up too fast in order to keep up with Ella.

Or maybe it's a combo of both, remembering my innocent childhood, and watching my babies grow up way too fast!

I also couldn't help but crack up about the "head dude" acting as if he was 16 the way he gave Owen that pat! ha ha! :)

L stewart said...

Love it! Abby is such a good big sister!

Baloney said...

You are brave to put him out there with those big kids!!

@nnie said...

I love how you broke this down, moment by moment.

It made it really special.

I sometimes take my own little 3rd grader lunch at the same school with the same scenes, but it never seemed so.... neat!

You are really good at squeezing the joy out of each and every moment.

Love ya!