Wednesday, September 2, 2009


1. hallelujer 11 up, 1 down
hallelujer is the ebonics version of hallelujah.
the word is usually credited to madea (and often used by oprah winfrey) a character portrayed by black film maker tyler perry in his numerous plays and films.
"Lucky for me - the po po didn't catch me speeding to wednesday bible study - hallelujer! "
Okay, so this Momma is shoutin' out a big "HALLELUJER" because my little O-Man, #1 potty trained since June, FINALLY went #2 on the potty today!
It was such a God thing as I wasn't even supposed to be home. But, due to Mother Nature's little downpour, we came home to eat lunch and that's when the amazing act of poo in the pot happened! Long story short, after our 3rd time to run to the potty (mind you...up until today, he wouldn't even sit there - he's a stander upper kind of guy), the deed happened.
I have seriously prayed over this situation for weeks...and especially the past week since pre-school started yesterday. We sang, prayed and recited scripture as he sat. Just as His Word promises...God heard our prayers, & success was achieved!
Silly Owen as he enjoyed his ice cream reward
p.s. I don't usually condone rewarding kids with sweets, but hey -
desperate times call for desperate measures.


LauraD said...

Yeah for Owen!

Baloney said...

I'm sending Jacob right over!

kim said...

I love it! How precious is he with that icecream?!

Here's to a successful repeat!!

L stewart said...

WOW! You did it!!! You have successfully potty trained 4 KIDDOS!!! I say you deserve some ice cream! (and lots of it!)

Anne said...


Ro said...

Way to go Big O!!!