Sunday, June 7, 2009

*My AMERICAN GIRL's 8th Birthday*

My 1st born daughter turned 8 on June 6th.
How can that be?!
The other day I caught Abby deep in a conversation with a friend on the phone. This was the 1st time. The 1st of many I'm sure....
The Friday before her Birthday we opened her 1st Bank Account. I remember doing that when I was 9. Such a big day!

Abby's Birthday lunch of choice. She learned this from her Father. :)

He even let her get a giant Coke from QT on the way.
Abby loved opening all her family gifts the morning of her Big Day.
Time for her ***AMERICAN GIRL 8th BIRTHDAY PARTY!!***
Mommy's just about done setting up. Daddy comes in for a hug.
Friends & Dolls start arriving...
Grandad (Greg's Dad) & Nana graciously allowed us to use their BEAUTIFUL outdoor living room and pool. This was our 3rd year to have Abby's party there. It's always a hit!

Ummm, that cake was SO good!
Double chocolate fudge.
How cute are they?!!
There she is....MISS AMERICA!!!!!
(We had a Doll & Me Fashion Show before the swimming began.)
Walking the "Red Carpet"
What a precious group of girls!
Ella with Miah & Macy - two of our very special friends
The Big Hit of the day was to hold hands and jump in together!
Then it moved on to hold the cylinder raft and jump in!
Daddy with his Birthday Girl.
Birthday Girl's Lil' Sis having a ball!
Birthday Girl's baby brother playing a game of golf with a baseball bat. LOL
Good Momma friends.
Owen couldn't stay away from the snack usual. :)
The girls had a "diving contest"~
Lauragale is declaring "Abby Ruley" the winner. :)
Group Shot.
Abby & cousin Zoe enjoying a Bomb Pop.
Oma feeds Owen some Bomb Pop...Grandma's just can't say No.
Time to sing to the Birthday Girl!
Gosh...she looks so grown up in this picture!!
Enjoying snacks & cake.
Nana with Owen.

Lauragale with her My Twin Doll. She cracks me up!!
Abby opens her leopard travel case from Aunt Gayle & cousin Paige and finds a leopard brush and make-up inside! Two of her favorite things!!
Abby's dear friend Macy gets her what she's been dying to have...High School Musical I.
Abby and cousin Zoe again ~ those are the Curls I thought all my kids would have!
One Spoiled Birthday Girl...Nana & Grandad get her a Hot Pink Ipod!
Back home Abby opens up her friend presents.
Lauragale got Abby THE cutest makeup bag with this ADORABLE brush. It says "Best Friends" and then has two little girls that happen to look just like them! They LOVED it!!
Our newest Birthday tradition...each of us puts a love note in a metal birthday cake that I have sitting on our island. Then, on your birthday you open it and read the notes aloud.
I think she's liking this. :)
Abby & LG wear matching Matilda Jane outfits to church.
SO thankful for their sweet, lifelong friendship.
I think Abby's 8th Birthday was truly an
*~Happy Birthday Abigail Kathryn...
I Love You from the inside out.~*


Baloney said...

Every time I see your girly blogs I get so jealous! How fun.
But then, I look at all that hair and think -- I'm so glad I don't have to fix that. :)

Dion said...

Your family is precious. Looks like a great party.

Annie H. said...

You pulled off a FANTABULOUS party, as usual! Tell Abby Happy Birthday for us! :)