Monday, May 4, 2009

A Decade of WILL Power

Oh how I wish I had a scanner so I could add a picture of my oldest baby as a baby...he was such a precious boy. (Maybe I will ask my neighbor if I can use hers?)

But, if not, we'll start with the earliest digital pics I could find.

Here's Mr. Will at 3 1/2 with his little sis Abby...Will has always been full of life! In fact, he kept me on my toes every second of every day until he turned...oh, about six! (Seriously)

Will used to LOVE to play dress up...usually in interesting ways.

Here's one of those "interesting" ways. :)

Will's 3rd Birthday Party in the backyard of our first home...Circus Theme.

Dang! I cannot remember the name of that clown's name...what was it??

Will celebrating at his pre-school.

Will's 4th birthday...again, at our old house. This time, CINCO de MAYO themed! Ole!!

(Check out Greg in his Tommy Bahama shirt...LOL! What a stud!!)

Rescue Heroes was the hit that year.

Birthday #5 was all about BATMAN...I have awesome pics from the party...but, they were all 35mm so no can show. :(

Had to throw this is...Will's 1st year of T-Ball. Does it get much cuter?!

And onto INCREDIBLES...that's what b'day #6 was all about.

I had a custom Incredibles Cape made for the b'day boy...he loved it!

Will's 7th b'day...his love for golf starts to peak. He gets his first set of "real" clubs.

Birthday #7 was at Playhouse for Kids...Will had no front teeth that year. :)

Did I mention my son does not like b'day cake? Can you believe that?! Nope, he almost always requests donuts...and once, cookie cake.

Oh, how could we ever forget b'day #8?! We had l2 or so boys come over for some "Sports Play" in the backyard...oh boy...won't be doing that one again. WHEW! The testosterone was more than this Momma could take!!

Ahhh...b'day #9. Nice and calm. Putt putt golf.

Will received his first electric guitar...oh how I love to hear him play.

Ruleys love dessert...we just do.

And at last, Birthday #10. All he wanted was his two best friends and ice skating.

I cannot believe ten years ago today I went into labor 3 weeks early with my first child. It was the most incredible experience of my whole life. Meeting him for the 1st time. Looking into his eyes. Our lives were forever changed.

William Gregory Ruley ~ *HAPPY BIRTHDAY.* We love you.
We are so proud of the Godly young man you are becoming. We pray over you the discipline of Daniel, the courage of Joshua, the obedience of Noah, the wisdom of Solomon, the perserverance of Paul, and most importantly, the LOVE of CHRIST.


    Heather Horton said...

    That is so sweet!! You are one awesome mom!!!

    Lazy Mom Amanda said...

    Happy Birthday, Will. What a great post, Katie!

    Baloney said...

    How sweet.
    Happy 10th Will!

    L stewart said...

    Happy Birthday Will! I can't believe he is 10!! Where does the time go?

    ~ Lindsay

    Annie H. said...

    Absolutely LOVE this post. Can't wait to do the same kind of recap for my own kids. Such a great idea. Hope you don't mind if I bloglift that idea. But your post is definitely making me rethink the "home" party for Luke and his friends for his 6th birthday. Will I be sorry? p.s. Happy birthday WILL!