Friday, April 24, 2009


Tagged and completed...thanks Baloney!
(Been needing to blog, but just haven't had the time...thanks for the kickstart! LOL! I'm still cracking up at this picture...did anyone used to watch this cheesy show? It was soooo bad that it was almost good. LOL!!!)

Here's how to do this 8 THINGS thing:- Mention the person that tagged you.- Complete the lists of 8's.- Tag 8 of your wonderful bloggy friends.- Go tell them you tagged them!


  • Asbury's Women's Summer Bible Study...ESTHER: IT'S TOUGH TO BE A WOMAN (post to come! It's going to be the BEST one yet!!!)

  • Weddings! We got invited to two very special weddings this summer...I gotta tell you...I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE weddings!! They have everything that I adore ~ music, beautiful clothes, promises, lots of love, yummy food, great conversations, more music, melt in your mouth cake, dancing, authentic JOY.

  • Matilda Jane packages in the mail...they make my day.

  • My hubby coming home from work each day...he looks super hot in his suit when he loosens his tie...Yeah Baby!! (not that I'm in any mood for hanky panky at that time of day...I'm just glad he's home to help get the kids to the dinner table. :))

  • A Tan! I sure do love a summer glow.

  • Our Family Vacation to San Diego in July and taking Ella to meet Cinderella!

  • Mother's Day...I've always loved it...even before I became a Mother. It's just such a HAPPY Day. :)

  • This Sunday Morning - Will & Abby are getting interviewed in two of our church services...can't wait to see how they respond to all the questions!


  • Drank my morning coffee and ate my yummy bowl of oatmeal & berries

  • Read my daily scriptures out of the awesome Asbury Bible that thing!

  • Made lunches and got all four off to school...WHEW!

  • Went for a run...ahh, the weather was soooo lovely.

  • Ran to Target for groceries...found cute silver sparkly shoes for Abby while "passing by" the shoe section (happens every time!)

  • Paid Appliance Doctor for fixing our upstairs A/C...thankful to have someone we trust.

  • Got four packages from UPS and anxiously opened all but one (Will's golf shoes...boring)

  • Got ride for Abby to tumbling, dropped Will off at soccer, dropped Ella & Owen off at Mimi's when she got home from work, and the hubs and I snuck in a beautiful dinner at at an outdoor patio...I had "wicked shrimp and California crepe roll" while the Greggor had his fave...big greasy cheeseburger. It was a fabulous evening!


  • Sing beautifully - I love the new chick's voice in the 9:15 sanctuary service...the tall one w/ the brown shoulder length hair...sweet, but yet cool.

  • Never raise my voice at my children unless it's cheering for them at a sporting event

  • Memorize every scripture I read...why is it so darn hard?!

  • Have more energy at night when I finally get time to be with my hubby...I'm so pooped by then, and I know he would so love a backrub, tickle on the neck, etc.

  • Make cinnamon rolls from scratch - one day when I have more time...

  • Eat queso and hot fudge on everything without it affecting my health...or waistline.

  • Go to an Art Fair and meet the designer of Matilda Jane clothing...and maybe just maybe she would feel compelled to hire me as her assistant! :)

  • Share the Love of Christ with every single person I come in contact with


  • Joyce Meyer ~ Enjoying Your Life

  • Regis & Kelly - occasionally

  • Oprah - occasionally

  • How I Met Your Mother

  • Grey's Anatomy

  • American Idol

  • Ugly Betty

  • Ed Young - Sunday Mornings (cool preacher in Dallas; 7:00 a.m. ch. 17)

(I never ever watch the creeps me me bad dreams...aggrivates me.)

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Annie H. said...

I am very excited! Fun to read your 8's and inspired to get mine going!

kim said...

I have to admit...when I saw your post title, I thought to myself... "is katie pregnant with twins?!" Ha ha ha!! I am showing signs of sleep deprivation, apparently!

Loved all of your eights!

momof4kr said...

LOL!!!!!! OH MY...that title wouldn't be "EIGHT IS ENOUGH" it would be something more like "EIGHT IS TOUGH" or "EIGHT IS ROUGH" or "EIGHT MY LUNCH"...

Ro said...

Okay, I played along. My list is much shorter and I had a real hard time tagging eight after you and baloney had already tagged most of my blog world friends :)