Thursday, February 5, 2009

25 Random Things about Moi

1. I am the middle of five children. Ironically enough it went girl--boy--girl--boy--girl, and the spread was 3 yrs, 4 yrs, 3 yrs, 4 yrs. Couldn't have been more middle.

2. I eat cooked (on the stove) oatmeal every single morning except Sunday. I'm addicted. I add all sorts of stuff to it - peanut butter, berries, crunchy cereal on top...

3. I make a big family breakfast every Sunday morning before church...just like my Momma did!

4. I shower at night. Don't know how all you Momma's do it in the a.m.

5. Got kicked out of Religion Class at Bishop Kelley H.S. in the 10th grade for something my hubby's ex-girlfriend did. Seriously! (Still made an A.)

6. I was a fast pitch softball pitcher from age 9 to 17. I could throw the ball 65 mph...probably thanks to the professional size batting cage in our backyard.

7. My nickname when I was younger was the "human trashcan"...I could out eat a 200 lb man! Now, after 4 kids, I have to eat little bird meals to stay in shape…it stinks!

8. I hate waste. Let me re-phrase...I hate waste! I recycle everything! Plastic, paper plates, my children's cereal bowls (don't worry I wash them out), school fliers (I use the backside for printing), water bottles (re-fill with filtered fridge water), the list goes on and on. It pains me to walk into a restaurant and see waiters literally throw away trays full of food! I either want the people to take it to go, or the restaurant to give it to the hungry!

9. I was born with a diaphragmatic hernia. Babies with this defect have little to no chance of survival...and their only chance of survival is if they have pre-natal surgery. Mine wasn't diagnosed until I was 3 months old. I truly feel like a miracle baby. Have a scar around my entire rib cage as a reminder.

10. I can't watch anything over 30 minutes on t.v. at home without falling asleep...unless I'm ironing or painting my nails!

11. I watch Joyce Meyers (a female t.v. preacher) every weekday morning. She's the best vitamin out there!

12. Speaking of vitamins. I am a health nut. I take 2-3 vitamins daily. I subscribe to "Nutrition Action". I can't get enough of it. I love to learn about physical wellness. (Go Jenks Nutrition Coalition!!)

13. One of my favorite hobbies it to shop at Garage Sales and Flea Markets. I think it goes back to my love for recycling…and my love for the quest for unique & vintage treasures!

14. I live for praise and worship - at church, concerts, in my car, etc.. It is one of the most magnificent highs of my life.

15. I brush my teeth after every meal (I eat 5-6 meals a day). I only floss at night.

16. I chew at least one piece of gum a day. I especially like to chew gum after my coffee or while I'm working out. I swear it gives me energy!

17. Coffee - it is one of the loves of my life. Don't think I could ever give it up. One cup each morning with heated milk and flavored creamer ~ my own little homemade latte. :)

18. I had board straight hair until I turned 18...started with a little wave in back and now it is wavy all over! I have to flat iron it for 30 minutes to get it to appear straight.

19. I absolutely have to have a magazine or catalog to look through when I sit down to eat lunch...this, too, is a trait passed down from my Mom!

20. I used to LOVE Rap and Hip Hop Music...I would break out into a Bobby Brown showdown often! Greg calls it my "Turbo Bunny"!! LOL

21. I had my picture taken with Regis Philbin in NYC when visiting his show. He wore a ton of make-up!

22. I don't really like to travel. It stresses me out. I'd rather just have a "stay vacation" (have someone watch my kids while I stay in town).

23. I always wanted a big family. At one point I wanted 6 children; lowered it to 4 once I got married. My dream was to have 2 boys and 2 girls. My dream came true.

24. I didn't grow in height for 3 years as a child (around the ages 10-13).

25. I love mornings! I live for waking up to a fresh day, God's mercy (Lam 3:23), a warm breakfast, a yummy cup of coffee and a little dip in God's Word.


Dion said...

Another straight as a board hair girl here, 'til my mid 20's. Now, I can't get the wave out to save my live. It's mainly underneath, which drives me crazy.

Annie H. said...

I love your list. I've been thinking about it all day. One thing about you that is absolutely infectious? Your passion. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

i like your hairy wavy.

i do the same thing with magazines and catalogs at lunch, when else am i going to look at them.

i also shower at night.

i'm so happy your dream came true. you deserve it.

you and dan can hang with the hating waste thing. he's an EXTREME nut, i think, about not wasting food.

you need to type a post about getting kicked out of religion class. seriously. spill it.

tell me how to cook the oatmeal. i have it, just don't know how to cook it or what to do with it once i do.

love you! blessings!

L stewart said...

All of those things help make you the awesome person that you are!!!

Love ya ~ Lindsay